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Posted by Eddie Shoe on 27 Sept. 2016.

Hi, I'm Eddie Shoe, the owner of this and other sites.After many years of using and watching the web hosting industry I decided to rent and run my own Linux servers. I would be remiss to say I know it all, but with 20 + years of practice, I'm fairly good.

Those of you that are familiar with hosting already know that most of the sites that sell hosting have been taken over by a major conglomerate. 'Top Ten" list are full of this company's acquisitions. 

Then there are the 'kiddies host" . They rent a server or get a re-seller account post pictures of the companies they buy from data center, and presto, we are a "'big name host"!

Prior to putting users on a server, I let it sit with a few of my own sites for several months. If it weathers all the attacks, doesn't have down time and other factors, I offer hosting when there is left over disk space and bandwidth. In other words, the server a customer ends up on has been tested, not set up last week, or yesterday.

Design services we offer or as straight forward as our hosting. Any experienced users will notice that this site's template is "Flat Host". With all the themes/templates out there, I buy the ones I like, then "hack" them to the customers needs.

Those of us that have been here a while know that most 'designing' is done this way. The rest of the world goes to a 'design firm' and pays twice as much or more for a 'custom' theme/template.

Yes, I know that I am not going to get a lot of customers with my pricing model. Then i don't really want just any customers. I want the ones experienced enough to know what I am trying to do, and agree with it.

So sign up, and welcome aboard!

Ed Shoe